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The book cover of 'Who Am I?' by Susan Ash

Who am I?

Your 20s are meant to be those years of your life where you discover who you are. My name is Sam, and this is my story. It’s much like yours, no doubt - trying to figure out a career, practising for my driving test, making time for friends and family… except then my whole life got turned on it’s head and I realised that there was so much more to me, so much more that was just waiting to be discovered. This is the story of how I met a woman, how she unravelled a side of me I never even knew existed - a physical, adventurous, reckless self. This is the story of how I fell in love for the first time and how I struggled to share my new life with my friends and family. This is the story of how I frantically sought an answer to the question we’ve all asked ourselves… Who Am I?



“I literally could not put it down, and when I did, I was thinking about the characters and what was going to happen next.”

“A raunchy, easy-read book that keeps you turning the pages, but what happens next? When will the sequel be available?”

About the Author:
Susan Ash

Susan was born in 1969 in South London. She has had a varied career, including packing pies, working for an insurance company and many years with the Royal Mail. She married and had two children. She divorced when her children were young, and for many years she was a single parent.

She decided she wanted to carve herself a new career so she studied for a BSc (Hons) in Social Science. She then completed her PGCE and became a teacher. She met and married Caroline, and a few years later they started fostering. They live in a small village in Kent. Susan discovered that her passion is writing and ‘Who Am I?’ is her first published novel.

‘Who Am I?’ is an erotic lesbian novel by author Susan Ash, which tells the story of Sam as she falls in love for the first time and struggles to come out to her friends and family.



Great book....still waiting for book two

March 18, 2021

If you choose one new book to read this year, it has to be this one! Sad. Happy. Risqué. Raunchy. What a page turner! Had to ask my husband to ‘show me’ the difference between upper and lower case letters......you need to read the book to understand! Surely there is a next instalment from this new author; it can’t end like this?

March 3, 2021


Hubert Swift
February 19, 2021

Loved this book, could not put it down. Definitely will purchase the next book. I want to know more

February 18, 2021

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